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July 11, 2016

As organisers of the recent fun-filled PINK LOERIE MARDI GRAS & ARTS FESTIVAL™ 2016 in association with GRAB CORP & MALEBOOTH; Wigstock Festival Chapter 2 as well as the Bear Colony Festival in association with BEARFEST, I want to thank you for your much appreciated contribution in sponsorship, sponsorship that without we would not have been able to grow the festival substantially over the past 16 years.

We were delighted to see a huge crowd of visitors and locals participating in this year’s event. The good weather also played a major part in the enjoyment of the festival over the four days. By now the Pink Loerie has really become a must-attend event for the LGBTI community in the beautiful setting of Knysna, where all visitors are made to feel welcome.

Our website recorded 949,551 hits (1 April – 30 April 2016) where your brand had prominent exposure on a dedicated sponsor’s page. We are sure that the overall success of the event will likewise show a marked awareness of the contribution you are making to the LGBTI community.

There was the ultimate highlight of hosting the crowning of Mr Mardi Gras South Africa 2016 as part of the PINK LOERIE MARDI GRAS & ARTS FESTIVAL™. The winner of Mr Mardi Gras South Africa 2016 will represent South Africa at Mr Gay World 2017 as South Africa’s entry. This was a fun-filled, yet serious event that will become part of the LGBTI South African calendar.

The refreshed “Miss Mardi Gras Wigstock” was hugely successful, judging by attendance and the winner was also féted as a highly popular choice. The South African chapter of Wigstock Festival Chapter 2 was simply world class and attracted large audiences, so we hope your link with the highly successful and “growing-up” Pink Loerie will become a valued part of your business strategy going forward.

Leaving the best for last – of course there was the ultimate highlight of hosting the “15 Weddings” at this year’s PINK LOERIE MARDI GRAS & ARTS FESTIVAL™, the largest same-sex wedding ceremony in Africa with 12 couples getting married, as well as 3 couples that renewed their wedding vows. One of these being the first gay couple that got married in South Africa.

With all the above, PINK LOERIE MARDI GRAS & ARTS FESTIVAL™ once again put Knysna as our host Town on the map with excellent local and international coverage for all that happened there as part of the PINK LOERIE MARDI GRAS & ARTS FESTIVAL™ 2016. All of this will again benefit the travel and trade industries going forward. We therefore encourage you to follow up with the contacts built up before and during the festival. Many individuals we chatted to indicated a pronounced desire to repeat their visit and introduce new visitors.

But even as we’re reflecting over the latest success story, we’re already planning for 2017 and we really hope to welcome you on board once again. In the meantime, please contact me if we can assist with more information or a business introduction.

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